Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Easy Being Green

Photo courtesy the Jim Henson Co.
Unlike our friend Kermit who laments it's not easy being green; living green, or eco/energy conscious is really not too difficult.

Here are the top five LIVE GREEN pledges
according to

  1. Maintain your air conditioner, keep the equipment clean and give the unit an annual tune-up.
  2. Use reuseable water bottles, this is not only good for the environment by eliminating plastic waste, it saves you money as well.
  3. Buy organic produce, check out a local farmer's market.
  4. Raise your air conditioner's temperature settings, the smaller the difference between outside and inside temperatures, the less the air conditioner has to work to cool the inside space.
  5. Program your thermostat for energy efficiency, if your thermostat isn't programmable, make manual adjustments when you leave and re-enter the house.

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