Thursday, June 30, 2011

DVR = Huge Energy Vampire

According to a recent report from The National Resources Defense Council, DVR boxes and satellite receivers use more energy than a household refrigerator and cost U.S. consumers $3 billion in energy annually -- $1 billion to operate when in active use and an additional $2 billion while inactive but still running at near full power. "Set-top boxes are the ultimate home energy vampires, silently sucking significant amounts of energy and money when nobody’s using them,” said Noah Horowitz, senior scientist at the NRDC.   Click here to read the entire National Resources Defense Council article.
One way to reduce the amount of vampire energy being consumed by your television's electronic appendages is to use a power strip  and switch off your TV, DVR, DVD player, video game console, etc. when when you go to bed or are out of the house. Just be mindful of the fact that if you want to record a program, leave the DVR box on, otherwise powering down these energy vampires when possible will result in noticeable savings.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Putting your computer in sleep mode reduces the amount of power it uses. You can save even more by switching off your monitor.

Today's energy thought is brought to you by the letter

Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's Energy Thought

There is an article on entitled Can one idea be energy's holy grail?  Click here to read the article which contains some interesting information including referring to hot fusion as a safe, clean and unlimited power source.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did you know?

You can save energy by getting rid of your screen saver. In fact, screen savers use more energy than not using them, and sleep mode features may not work if you use a screen saver. Who knew? So lose the screen saver, no matter how cute or fun it is, and you will save energy. Good to know!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Year three with the SEE program is officially underway! The primary focus of the campaign this year is to ENERGIZE everyone within the district to CHARGE UP! their energy-saving behaviors into habits by evaluating our successes and challenges.

The annual SEE training is happening today and tomorrow via web conference (an awesome green initiative by SEE). There are some very exciting activities coming to our district this fall including a new game show, a human powered generator and some other really fun and educational tools to share with students and staff.

Stay tuned for more information and details on what all lies ahead as we get charged up and energized to continue working on our award winning energy-saving efforts!

Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

So today's question is just for fun in honor of all the students, staff and parents in the Prior Lake Savage Area School District celebrating the end of the school year.

In June of what year was the classic song by Alice Cooper released?

A) 1967

B) 1970

C) 1972

D) 1975

Scroll down to check your answer...

Congratulations to the PLHS Class of 2011!

Hope you stay warm and dry at Commencement tonight!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023,
this year's kindergarten students!

Have a fun, safe and efficient summer everyone!

... and the correct answer is 1972!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Redtail Ridge Rocks!

Just could not catch up with the entire 5th grade SEE Squad at Redtail Ridge to gather the group for a picture so all I have to show is the certificate Ms. Aker received for coordinating the activity this year. This was a very active group because there were multiple requests for more Ooooops! and WOW! sticky notes and additional tally sheets throughout the year. Thank you, Ms. Aker and the RR SEE Squad for all your hard work this year monitoring the energy use and waste in your building. Please keep up your eco-conscious, energy saving ways as you move on to middle school this fall.

Great Job Grainwood!

SEE Squad at GW 2010-2011
Thank you to Ms. Ernst and her energetic group of students for doing a great job with the SEE Squad in their building this year. This was the group who liked to use secret agent code names when out on energy patrol in the halls of Grainwood. They really took ownership of the activity and had a lot of fun with it while making a big difference in their school this year.
Grainwood SEE Squad, you are ENERGY ROCK STARS!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SEE Squad Shines at JP

Jeffers Pond SEE Squad 2010-11
Thank you to an awesome group of third graders at Jeffers Pond Elementary! These students were the SEE Squad for their building this school year. They are proudly displaying their Energy "Shining Star" Certificates for participating in the SEE Squad activity during year two of the SEE program in our district. Under the coordination of teacher Kay Dicke, the students monitored their building for wasted energy and also on the flip side, energy conservation. Thank you, Ms. Dicke and the JP SEE Squad for your energetic efforts this year!

Monday, June 6, 2011

1st Quarter Results

The numbers are in for January - March of 2011 and are you ready for some great news? In just three months, we saved/avoided $45,658.00 in energy costs. What makes this even better news is when compared to the same three months a year ago, there is a substantial increase. For the first quarter of 2010 we saved $25,612.00 so an increase of over $20,000!!! WOW! That means more staff and students are on board as our numbers continue to get bigger. Thank you, everyone, for doing your part to make a difference. Together we have the power to SEE and save (that combines the themes for year one and year two of the SEE program). Stay tuned as we get ready for year three!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Energy Question

Which country has the largest reserve of natural gas?

A) Russia
B) India
C) United States
D) China

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your answer...

D) Russia

More info about this question coming soon.
Stay tuned...

High School Earns Award

At their staff meeting this morning, Gary accepted the award on behalf of the whole staff including head building operator Vince, Principal Lund and the entire student body for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Reduction for 2010.
Congratulations, Prior Lake High School, keep up the good work in 2011!