Friday, November 4, 2011

Field Trip

Earlier this week a group from Class 5 Energy and Schools for Energy Efficiency toured the Andersen Windows company headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota. Cameras were not allowed inside so you will have to settle for a narrative account about this energy adventure.

The first thing I noticed when we stepped out into the plant on our tour was a couple of bicycles parked near the door. The bikes are used by associates to travel within the operations facility rather than using electric golf carts. Bikes were seen all over in various locations throughout the massive plant. What a great way to save energy when you have so much area to cover inside this huge facility.

Also evident on the tour was Andersen's commitment to high sustainability standards and environmental stewardship. Especially impressive is a patented composite product called Fibrex which Andersen manufactures from reclaimed wood fiber, a direct byproduct created in their own facilities. In addition, they are continually working to minimize their waste output, conserve energy and natural resources, and it is something they have been practicing at Andersen for over 100 years.

To read more about Andersen's environmental commitment and sustainability efforts, click here to go to their blog, in our nature.

To learn more about the fascinating Minnesota history behind the Andersen Lumber company, click here for a link to their website and then click on the About Andersen tab for the different informational links.

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